Leave from US Cities arrive in great destinations.

One major regret of people at the end of their lives is that they wished they had traveled more.

If you are on a budget then planning a new trip to travel takes a lot of time and effort to search for. It takes even more time if you’re trying to find the cheapest flights from airlines.

Because airlines deliberately make the cheapest flights for travel hard to find and they don’t advertise them anywhere.

So they usually get sold out very quickly from airlines. You COULD waste your precious hours trying to search through travel websites and countless frequent flyer programs.

This just doesn’t seem fair for all of us hardworking travel-deprived people.

But what if you COULD find the cheapest flights to travel to vacation?

That is why we created it!

How does Amazing Airfares work

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We created a system that scans hundreds of databases to find the cheapest published flights to destinations outside of the USA.

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You tell us what part of the United States you live to search through.

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We send you airfare deals that allow you to escape to places you never thought possible at prices that make you say “let’s go”!

Recent flights for our subscribers

Bangkok $518

San Francisco to Bangkok

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Tahiti $764

portland to tahiti

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Nepal $772

philadelphia to Katmandu

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Sydney $643

dallas to sydney

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South Korea $606

Chicago to Seoul

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Basel $311

miami to switzerland

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What our customers are saying

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Thank you for the deals! I booked Tokyo for $600 and Vietnam for $550 so far. That’s the cost of just one of my international flights last year!

Erica T
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Holy cow! I just booked a trip from Chicago to Paris for only $303. Thanks you saved me a ton of money!

Theson K
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You guys saved me over $2000 for our family vacation. I am so happy I found you before planning our next vacation.

Jevon K
amazing airfares favicon

This could be the best $8/month I have spent. I went to Thailand already and just booked another flight to Hong Kong for $551. Keep the offers coming.

Calita M
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I retired last year and I found your website 6 months ago. I am now able to travel as I have always wanted. This really is great!

Steven W

The cheapest travel deals you can find

You don’t need to save money for months or years to go travelling when you find the cheapest flights of airlines emailed to your inbox or text to your phone.

Imagine sitting on a new beach in [insert your favorite spot] how would you feel? Pretty good right!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you sign up today and you will not be billed for 14 days. You will get the same offers everyone else receives. then you will be billed for your subscription.

The best flights work best if you stay flexible. If you reallllly want to go to Bali there might a killer deal from New York. But if said you only want great prices from Chicago… you’re going to miss it! It’s best to keep travel plans open, by repositioning flights, and go on your dream vacation.

However, we do have seven location preferences: All of North America (recommended). OR

Northwest cities in these states; WA, OR, ID, WY, MT, AK
West cities in these states; CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO
Upper Midwest cities in these states; ND, SD, MN, NE, IA, IL, WI
Midwest cities in these states; KS, OK, TX, MO, AR, LA
Southwest cities in these states; MI, TN, KY, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, FL
Eastern cities in these states; WV, MI, ID, OH, PA, DC, MD, DE, NY, NJ
Northeast cities in these states; ME, VT, NH, MS, RI, CT

Amazing Airfares is best for what is called “variable destination travel.” In other words, if you want to go somewhere AWESOME, this is for you. If you need to fly to London on a specific date… we can’t guarantee any specifics. This is probably not the service for you.

We don’t send them last-minute. Most people need to coordinate their vacation with their partner or travel buddy. We usually send them when they’re 1-6 months out.

For now, the service is for North American customers only. In the future, we may expand to flights that originate outside North America, but we are expanding slowly to ensure we keep a high quality service.

Yes, since these are paid fares, you should earn miles/points for future free travel or airline loyalty status. Since we don’t book the travel for you normally these are fares that allow you to earn your miles/points but we don’t have anything to do with the rewards.

NO! This is not a daily deal site. Many sites send them to your inbox every morning… but lets be honest – most of them aren’t very good. We don’t send bad ones. We only send good ones. That means some weeks there are only 2 or 3… but when you get one, you know it will be incredible.

You book directly with the airline. We are not part of the ticketing process at all. Since we are member supported, we make no commission on deals or flights you take. We find good deals, and that is what we do.

You can cancel at anytime, just send an email to mike@amazingairfare.net to unsubscribe.

That is a tough question to answer since it depends on where you live. Some of the larger airports have more flights but on average we send out about 30 deals of airlines per month for the USA.

All plans backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not happy lets us know.

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