Top 3 Things about My Denmark
What are the 3 little things about My Denmark that make it My Denmark? Tell...
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eiffel tower
How to Trade Time for Money While Traveling
One of the key skills that sets expert travelers apart is how they balance time...
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glass of beer
How to Drink Beer Overseas
Not everyone likes beer, that’s OK. But if you do like it, then let’s talk...
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Top 3 Things about My Japan
Lei Ann Shiramizu is one of my most stylish, funny and witty friends. She is...
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Brexit and Travel Impacts
Here are the 3 ways travel impacts post-Brexit: 1. Take Donald Trump’s advice and save...
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Top 3 Things about My Venice To Do
I am so excited that we’re introducing a new series on Amazing Airfare’s blog, where...
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shiny towers in japan
railway in japan
Top 5 Essential Travel Apps for Nomads
We’re passionate about travel. We believe travel experiences should be accessible to everyone, and the...
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Timing Tips on Travel to Europe
Curious why so many great travel deals are specifically timed for mid-March, Mid-April, September, and...
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Follow Airlines on Social Media
Looking for a discount on airfare?  For travelers looking for a super sale price on...
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